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About Us


In the years that I worked in Africa I had discovered that living below equator is bether than above. Also Rwanda is a very clean country, stable and green.

At a altitude of 1450m we have all year the same temperature although we are very close to the equator.

So I started to build my house first and explore the garden.

Soon with friends coming over to visit us, al were not happy that they couldn't stay for a night, so we build our first rooms  above our house.

And we have to foresee a parkingspace for visitors.

Now we are ready to receive guests from all over the world.

The coffee we serve comes from the factory "next door" and can be visited, only 20 minutes by foot.

If people want to visit us as a stop place with their tent, no problem the garden is big enough to put your tent up close to the lake or even on the beach.

We can provide one small tent for one ore two persons and we have also a bigger one for two till 4-5 people (two rooms tent).

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