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Western Province, halfway between Rubavu (Gisenyi) and Kibuye you will reach the village Nkomero, from there on it is then 9 Km off-road  (best with a 4x4) to reach the Lake.

GOOD NEWS on 04/01/2024 they started working on the road.

So the 9 Km off-road wil be changed to an asfalt road 7m wide.


Young Palmleaves in various green trembling with pleasure in the wind.

Have ear to a colorful, lively bird concert.

A very fine white sand caresses sensitives toes.

Take long walks on the beach and garden without a map or routeplanner.

A road trip full of wealth and beauty of nature.

Untouched, paradisiacal, far away from the hectic world.

The body and senses are in heaven, adapting; total surrender!




Kinunu is very known about its coffee, the coffee factory is only 20 minutes by foot.

The island BUGARURA is like going back to the time, no motor vehicle has ever reached the island, so put on your walking shoes and explore the pure nature of the island.

Boat tours on the Lake with our boat off max 20 people.

Hiking along the Congo Nile Trail.

Rooms & Rates



Nice rooms with a splendid view on the Lake and on our garden.

Enormous terrasses for each room at the Lake site.

Every evening a nice sunset

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